How to manage stress and anxiety while wedding planning?

January 13, 2019

Planning your perfect wedding day is a very emotional roller-coaster! From sociality pressure to family drama it is easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t worry we have put a list together to help you distance yourself from stressful situations related to planning your special day.


Create ‘to do’ list

As a bride-to-be, you will be bombarded with a pile of tasks demanding your attention and this can be extremely stressful.  Creating a “to do” list could be overwhelming at first – seeing a massive list of things you need to do can be scary but once you will start crossing out your task you will feel a massive relief!


Find time for things you like

Do you constantly think about your wedding? Well it is time for you to reclaim your life back! What activities comprised your free time before wedding planning seized your soul? Reading? Shopping? Crafts? Don’t let those activities slip; take that time to yourself and enjoy the relaxation that comes with doing something that you enjoy. Even if just for a few hours a week, it will make a massive difference.


Stay health & meditate

Staying healthy through your wedding planning process is essential to reducing stress. Make time to go for a run, attend that yoga class and meditate. Even a simple dance in the kitchen can get your blood moving and release a stress.


Spend quality time with your fiancé

Planning a wedding can cause a lot of tension in a relationship. Couples often struggle to find time for each other therefore, it is important to allow yourself and your partner to take some time out from wedding planning to rejuvenate.  This will not only reduce wedding stress but will also ultimately make your wedding planning more efficient.


Above All Else…

Remember to don’t lose sight of yourself! Keeping this in mind will reduce wedding planning stress – we promise!

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