Engagement Photoshoot Checklist!

April 4, 2019

The engagement shoot is primarily about spending time together, getting used to the camera and getting to know one another. It is all about having fun and being creative. It can be as unique as you are, it can be themed, or it can be a relaxing portrait session in a spot.

We are often asked by couples how to prepare for an engagement photoshoot so to make your life easier we have put together a simple checklist!


Fashion Emergency Kit

During an outdoor shoot, anything can happen. You never know if something will tear or if you get a minor spill on the way. A good fashion kit will include items such as: fashion tape, lint-removing sheets, sewing kit, stain wipe, earring back, instant button, hair band, nail file, blister pad and shoe-shine sponge. It may sound a little over the top but you want to look your best and when you know something on you just isn’t right, you tend to stiffen up in the pictures and we definitely don’t want that!


Makeup Kit

Some days are just going to be hotter than we’d like. We tend to keep my couples in shade if possible when it gets like this, but even on those days, humidity and the temperature will get to you. We suggest packing a small make up kit to touch ups.


Snacks and drinks

It may sound silly but there are times when a shoot may last longer than you think, or all of the sudden you may get hungry. A little snack and a little water will keep you going and your spirits up!


Have your nails done

Keep in mind that one of the focus points on anyone are their hands. Not only that but on a significant day like your engagement photo session it’s very likely that your hands will get a close-up to capture your engagement ring. Make sure they’re close up ready!


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